Into the Fire Surf Retreat 2014

Is working hard all you do? You want more out of life, but you’re too busy with everything you have to do that there’s no time to do what you want to do.

You need a break. Take time to unplug and stop rushing to meet the constant pressure of never ending to-do lists and the distraction that your 24/7 connected life brings. You need a day to catch up, wind down and recharge. Stop looking for that elusive work/life balance and create your life the way you really want it to be.

Does it all have to be so serious? Make your mark on the world in a more meaningful way by doing something just for the fun of it!

Join us for a day on the beach at the Into the Fire Surf Retreat. Learning to surf and playing games, you’ll have freedom to take risks, make mistakes, gain new insights, have fun, laugh out loud, and you will do life differently.


Save the date. The next Into the Fire Surf Retreat is coming up on Saturday, August 2, 2014


“In the months since the surf retreat my life has undertaken a complete remodel. A renovation. A demolition and rebuild might be more appropriate.  I found the love of my life and we are going to be married on the shores of Lake Superior almost a year to the day of that beautiful surfing adventure in Malibu. I left my job and sold my house so that I could launch my own business. But most importantly, I think, I have found a better way to live life.

Do this. Your future self is depending on it. Really.” - Julia, Minneapolis 

ITFS 2012

After participating in this one day retreat, you will:

  • Learn to surf – even if you don’t know how to swim, are afraid of the ocean or aren’t as active as you used to be
  • Communicate with clarity and openness, inspiring others to work from their strengths
  • Gain insights into who you are as a leader, your personal leadership style and its effectiveness
  • Develop tools to create and maintain sustainable self-care practices
  • Handle stress and maintain high performance without losing yourself
  • Create a more fulfilling future where your life is a reflection of what matters most to you

ocean group

“What I realized during this experience was that life is really all about enjoying life!!” – Tera, Santa Clarita

“The Into the Fire Surf Retreat shifted my mindset in the sense that I’m re-inspired to tackle things that I had given up on. I feel like I was able to get over that wall and I feel more equipped to deal with other barriers, both professionally and personally,  that may be holding me back.” – Claire, Pasadena

“Learn to surf?  I don’t even know how to swim!  Yes, I’d say I threw myself Into the Fire. Reflecting on that amazing day, I became aware of a transformation that occurred in both myself and the group.  Nervous anticipation led to required participation which finally culminated in active contribution with a desire to share personal experiences for the benefit of the group. These lessons in leadership were nurtured deliberately yet gently by Gary and Karen and I was implementing them with my team Monday morning! The setting of the workshop was brilliant because I can recall the lessons learned simply by closing my eyes and visualizing the sand and the surf. Brilliant stuff! I can’t wait for the next Into the Fire Session!” – Kelvin, Vancouver

Gary and Karen at Into the Fire Sessions Surf + Leadership Retreat 8/25/12

Gary Mahler and Karen Pery created the Into the Fire Surf Retreat to help people do life differently. 

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