rafe itf

Rafe came to the Into the Fire Surf Retreat from West Hills, California. Success had become relentless, and he didn’t see a way out. Here is his story:

When I came to Into the Fire, all I was doing was working to build a stable foundation for my family. My life was a series of transactions. Work took all my time — keeping up with it, performing for my clients, and growing my business (alone) to keep providing. It was a relentless treadmill. Success was great, but I was always tired and in a complete rut. Even when I traveled, the time I had to spend to be away from my business and what it took to catch up after I got back was exhausting. I’d stopped laughing. I felt like a robot. I thought I’d feel like this until I retired or died. I needed something really big to remind me that there was still magic in the world. 

Last summer, things began to change and I started saying yes to something different. First, I discovered my life’s passion working with horses doing an experiential leadership event where I connected deeply with a horse who had done nothing but work the trails all his life. Then I came to Into the Fire.  Having the freedom to play in the surf and the waves all day, completely free of everything, was magical. 

Since then my business has grown further, but now I have a network of consultants working with me. I’ve started taking back my life and my time to have balance. I’m not just in my head all the time – Into the Fire reminded me that my body still works. I’m more spiritually connected.  

You don’t have to live the same way for the rest of your life. Everything doesn’t have to be so serious. You can work hard but remember to laugh and play and have lots of  fun. There are still many new adventures out there!


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