Kelvin came to the Into the Fire from Vancouver, British Columbia. He wanted to surf, but didn’t know how to swim. Here’s his story:

Learn to surf?  I don’t even know how to swim!  Yes, I’d say I threw myself “Into the Fire.” Reflecting on that amazing day, I became aware of a transformation that occurred in both myself and the group.  Nervous anticipation led to required participation which finally culminated in active contribution with a desire to share personal experiences for the benefit of the group. These lessons in leadership were nurtured deliberately yet gently by Gary and Karen and I was implementing them with my team Monday morning! The setting of the workshop was brilliant because I can recall the lessons learned simply by closing my eyes and visualizing the sand and the surf. Brilliant stuff! I can’t wait for the next Into the Fire Session!

Two lessons that I’d learned were immediately put into action with my team on Monday morning.  The first: leaders must also be followers. I began delegating responsibilities to team members and am actively encouraging individual leadership development.  This will undoubtedly strengthen my organization as a whole and foster autonomy and purpose.

The second lesson: We have a choice.  I have chosen to lead with authenticity and purpose, to uphold the virtues of my company’s mission statement “To enrich lives, one smile at a time.” I have chosen to inspire my team through my actions and intent.

Undoubtedly, the things I learned at Into the Fire will continue to express themselves in the future, consciously or not. In fact, isn’t that how life’s best lessons work?


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