The retreat shifted my mindset in the sense that I’m re-inspired to tackle things that I had given up on. I had a tendency of giving up when I got stuck, hurt, frustrated, or defeated (professionally and personally). Surfing has different meanings for me. As a child, it meant the fear that I wouldn’t be as good as other family members that surfed. It also meant fear that I could get injured. As an adult, surfing was something that I avoided like the plague because of those childhood experiences and always made up excuses as to why I never tried again. Even though I never fully “rode a wave” I still felt like I was able to get over that initial wall. Because I was able to tackle surfing, which was a huge challenge for me, I feel more equipped to deal with other professional and personal barriers that may be holding me back.
P.S. I’m signed up for paddle boarding in the next couple of weeks! 🙂 Skydiving here I come!
P.P.S. Since our surfing adventures I’ve made significant changes in my professional life, and well personal life as well. I realized that I was holding myself back from the ideal job and holding myself back from making amends with family relationships. I was able to reflect in a way that helped to move me forward. I also had a little bit of downtime with my job, which I never had before — always ending jobs on Fridays and starting on Mondays. I allowed myself for the first time to cut my hours back at work and it allowed me time to take on adventures like hiking, walking the dogs, visiting family and exploring new coffee shops. I was so bogged down with life the past 15 years that I finally decided to take the time that I deserved.Today, I believe I have found my dream job in a dream industry, and my relationships with family members is stronger than ever. More than that, I was able to gain a lot of my confidence back.


This retreat was the first step to help me break down my barriers and open my horizons up to new possibilities! I encourage anyone, no matter your athletic skill level, to try this retreat. If you have any reservations, that means you need to go for it.


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