Tera surfing

Next year on Sunday, September 15, 2013 I will turn 40 years old & I’ve been having the “what’s the meaning of life” conversation going on in my head.  So, on Saturday, August 25, 2012 I decided to do something I have always wanted to do…

I took a surfing lesson!

Now, I have to confess, there was 1 major fear I had around learning to surf & I am going to be highly transparent here…I was afraid because I had never learned the skill of going under water without holding my nose (still can’t do it).  However, what I learned is that most of the people learning right along with me had fears of their own about getting in the water.  The best part of the experience was having this supportive group learning & celebrating our successes (& failures) together!

The day was full of ups & downs, but, I am glad to say there were more ups than downs! Surfing is a tough & really quite violent sport.  Actually I did get hit in the head with the board once, which made me learn to cover my head when I fell off the surfboard.  We did start with an ocean safety class (where they did teach the part about covering your head) and it helped us all to feel a lot more comfortable getting in the water.  We headed out to play which included diving down under the large waves and jumping over the small ones.  Then we each got time one-on-one with our Surfer Dude Instructors and with their help I was able to get up and have two really awesome rides. One of the most memorable parts was seeing all the dolphins that were there cheering us on the entire day!!

What I realized during this experience was that life is really all about enjoying life!!  Which I guess I knew all along because the name of my company is Enjoy Daily Life, LLC.  However, isn’t it true that we teach the thing we need to learn the most.

Step out of your comfort zone & experience things you have always wanted to experience!!


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