An Into the Fire approach to family


Into the Fire added to the confluence of shifting I am doing presently.  Reminders of self-trust, strength in intra- and interpersonal skills, and releasing expectation were particularly resonating to me.
Just going in the water without the surfboard with a bunch of people and playing in the water was fantastic.  It reminded me of family vacations to the Lake Huron and Superior. Everyone was so playful and free, and was willing to be open with where they are in their lives. Discussions were compelling and insightful.  The activities made us get to know each other, present ideas in a way that were encouraged, invite people to fail, and let us see some of our triggers. It was a safe and playful environment.
It was a lovely day and I am thrilled to have been part of it. Warm regards to you, my fellow surfer dudes.
Keith BrushA few months later, Keith shared this:
Not long after the surfing event I received a call from my Dad with bad news from his doctor. I was called home and have been care giving for both of my parents.  It is very hands on all day every day.
As I spend time assisting my parents through these troubled times, I always try to remember that leadership is listening and incorporating their needs.  There is so much to manage here, and it only keeps getting bigger.  Helping them maintain as much autonomy as they can while at the same time making sure that the big things that need to get done do indeed get done – that’s my leadership challenge with them.
It’s been a lot, but as one friend pointed out, you don’t get to do this a second time.   I’ve got to do it, and it’s hard to see them slow to a stop.  It’s sad.  I don’t think it’s for the meek.  I’m so glad I’m here though.

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