Incredible Insights

At the retreat, I gained incredible insight into myself and how I tend to carry around old stories of who I think I am. Stepping away from my normal day-to-day and participating in this retreat gave me a chance to re-look and re-experience myself. It’s not that my everyday life doesn’t already give me these opportunities, but I have to be open to them.

Beth Mahar

The group dynamics were very powerful in cracking this openness inside me. I felt myself gain courage seeing others willing to face their own fears and in their own way. I needed to see that.

I realize that I thrive when given instruction and support from others, which wasn’t always there when I was growing up. My self doubt was born at an early age when I seemed to always be left to figure things out on my own with no guidance or positive feedback. This has set up some very unhealthy self-talk. Stopping these old thought patterns and seeing myself in a different way actually allowed me to have more fun — be happier!

I loved the activities where everyone worked together. It reminded me to give myself time to pause before jumping into the most common response and try doing things a little differently.

Coming back to work on Monday I definitely felt more relaxed. I wanted to keep that openness and feeling of pause when interacting with others. Just allowing myself a little more time between responses and knowing that’s ok.

Being able to surf was a wonderful surprise, and I loved every minute of it! The ocean still intimidates me a little, but again having the support and proper instruction was the key to my successfully riding the wave into shore.

I will definitely recommend this workshop and would love to participate in others in the future. You guys have great energy and it was contagious.Beth Mahar 2

Thank you so much for a fantastic experience! Beth Mahar — 12 Roads 


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