Run, don’t walk Into the Fire

My sister had recently passed away, my family lost all contact with her kids, and I was looking to change careers while I was at home with my four kids for the summer.  I needed a retreat to help revitalize my soul.  However, I hated the beach, I didn’t like sand, I was fearful of getting sunburned, and I wear contacts so I always thought I could never try surfing.  I called Karen and she reassured me that it would be fine. She was more than right!

annelise 083

Karen and Gary had us do activities which really made you realize a lot about yourself, and then I was able to be successful when it came time to surf.  It was perfect! Changed everything for me!

Through this surf retreat I found out that I LOVE the beach. I’ve actually returned to take more surf lessons and my kids started surfing too. It’s been great! I realized that there were people who wanted me to succeed and do well. I realized I made a lot of assumptions about things, people, what I should be doing, making other people happy.   This retreat gave me the open-mindedness to try a lot more things. I’ve started playing roller derby, decided to get my Master’s degree, I found my new career path and most importantly my four kids think I’m awesome now too!

Don’t hesitate! Run, don’t walk, to sign-up for this retreat it will change everything about you!

Lena Kohut


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